Real Time Quick Tracking

Orillia Fast Freight aims to provide you with visibility of your items throughout the delivery process by scanning items at different points in their journey. Each scan provides a description of where your item is at that stage in the delivery process. You will then be able to view these descriptions via our Online Real Time Quick Tracking tool and know exactly where your delivery is at.

With the Online Real Time Quick Tracking tool, you can get a confirmation of how your package is delivered, by who it is delivered, has it reached its destination, who received the package and much more information. This will give you an exact idea of where your package is and peace of mind about where your package is.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Our warehouse inventory management system (WIMS) is a key and essential core of our supply chain business. We track and process the control of the movement and storage of materials within our warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, put-away and picking.

From the moment your goods arrive at our warehouse, we verify, count, document, control, report and track them via our own in-house computerized warehouse inventory management system with a sophisticated barcode technology. Every single item stored in our facilities is affixed with a unique barcode and scanned into our tracking system. Not only does it ensure the utmost accuracy and efficiency in pick-and-pack operations, it also provides our clients real time, comprehensive access to their product activity via our storage portal service.

Online POD Deliverables

Orillia Fast Freight offers an Online POD Deliverables technology that is becoming more mainstream in the industry. With our technology, you will be able to track your cargo every step of the way and having the ability to confirm exactly where your package is.

With the Online POD Deliverables technology at Orillia Fast Freight, you can be there every step of the way with your valuable cargo. From the time you hand it over to us till it reaches its destination you will know exactly where your package is at. You will be able to get access to all this with our Online POD Deliverables tool. No more having got wonder where your parcel is at a given time. You can log in to our system with the given details and track your package online. Our system will you track your package online easy and efficiently.